Our company pledges commitment to offering project management services in specific promotion and execution of. The Government policy which aims at correcting the imbalances created by the past desperation and to add decency into the lives of the community through empowerment, creation of opportunities and other effects. At professional level, it is the aim of our company to source the professional Expertise from the previously disadvantaged firms (such as Engineers, Quantity Surveyors etc) with transparency and in which previously disadvantaged individuals are direct beneficiaries (in terms of ownership, benefits and participation in the running thereof)

Programming & Pre-Construction Services

This is the first phase of any project and is where most of the money and timing decisions are made. It should not be minimized or taken lightly. Companies that skip or shortcut this process pay for it many times over as the project progresses. It is important to generate a clear project direction, budget and schedule before proceeding to avoid making costly mistakes and causing delays. We work closely with Archi-M Studio Architects team, contractors and Archi-M Studio Developers to complete this phase. The following is a list of some of the services we offer to manage this process:
  • Master Planning and Programming
  • Feasibility Studies and Needs Assessment
  • Growth Projections and Adjacencies
  • Corporate Space Standards
  • Budget Generation
  • Schedule Development
  • Strategic Real Estate Analysis
  • Development Team Assembly and Contract Negotiation to Include: Real Estate Broker, Architect, Engineer and General Contractor
  • Property Evaluation, Site Selection and Due Diligence
  • Lease Review and Work Letter Negotiation
  • Design Management and Value Engineering
Project & Construction Administration

It is in this phase that most of the work happens. There is a lot of activity with many vendors working simultaneously and hopefully harmoniously. During this phase, someone needs to be representing the tenant at the weekly job meetings and providing overall project direction and leadership. The following is a list of some of the services we offer to manage this process:
  • Weekly Job Meeting Documentation
  • Construction Observation and Site Visits
  • Progress Reporting
  • Change Order Review and Negotiation
  • Payment Requisition Auditing
  • Budget Tracking
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Furniture and Equipment Reuse and Purchase
  • Voice and Data Coordination
  • Construction Punchlist Management
  • Contract Negotiation to Include: Furniture, Security, Telephone, Cabling, Signage and Other Contracts
  • Team Building and Project Leadership
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